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Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

An Aquarius couple has a higher percentage of compatibility due to their mutual understanding. The chances of long-term relationships between them are also higher.

Two Aquarians are known to be a destined love match. The friendship that turns to love between the two Aquarians is what keeps their bond alive for a longer span of time.

As Aquarius man and woman, both are known to be free-spirited, they are the same as a couple too. These water bearers are thus more adventurous.

The reason for the long-lasting love between an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman is their friendship and understanding. They understand each other’s intellect like no other.

However, at times, the strong friendship between the two Aquarians also comes in the way of blooming romance. But for the ones who take the plunge and jump into the pool of romance, the water seems to be pleasant.

Can aquarius man and aquarius woman have a great relationship?

Their loyalty toward each other takes them a long way. Also, the love and support they receive from family and friends help their relationship.

The ease that they feel in each other’s company helps them enjoy their relationship and make the most of it. They also have immense emotional and physical compatibility.

The better compatibility between this couple is also because it is easier for those from the fixed sign to understand each other. They understand the stubbornness of their partner and tend to be dedicated towards all such things that they believe in.

Is an Aquarius Man Attracted to Aquarius Woman?

An Aquarius man is attracted to an Aquarius woman for more reasons than one. The similarities between their intellect and behavior drive them towards each other.

The logical instincts of an Aquarian woman attract fellow Aquarians towards them. Another reason for Aquarius man to be attracted towards Aquarius woman is their rational feelings.

While they might come across as emotionally detached to other signs, fellow Aquarians understand their rationality and get attracted to it.

Does an Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Make Soulmates?

The freedom and individuality that Aquarians preach and profess make them more compatible with each other. The honesty and values that they both stand for make them soulmates.

The fact that they stay friends before being lovers makes them more compatible and the best soulmates. They do not try to tie each other down and also help their partner achieve their individual goals.

What is Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility 2022

Two Aquarians are compatible with each other because of their similarities. Their similar nature and attitude toward life attract them to each other.

As both, the Aquarius male and Aquarius female, tend to spend time with themselves and stay within their head, they understand this nature of their partner. This increases their compatibility.

Being less emotive themselves, they do not expect the other one to be more emotive either. Their compatibility is a result of mutual trust, love, and understanding.

Even though they are not very communicative, they know how to convey their feelings to their partner. this makes their affair more enchanting and delightful.

Who are Some Famous Aquarius Aquarius Couples?

One famous Aquarius Aquarius couple is Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi. The celebrity couple has been married for fourteen years.

They have the compatibility and the power to understand each other. This has kept their relationship intact for years.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué are another Aquarian couple who stayed together for years. However, they got separated in June 2022 after being together for almost 11 years.

Sam Trammell and Missy Yager are also Aquarius Aquarius couple that has been together for a long time. Evan Peters and Emma Roberts, and Josh Brolin, and Diane Lane are some other Aquarius Aquarius couples who spent considerable time together before parting ways.

Does an Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Break Up Eventually?

Though the Aquarius man and Aquarius woman have great compatibility, they might end up breaking up. However, they are not the ones who give up easily.

Instead of breaking up over every small and big thing, they would try to make things work. Their determination to make relationships work also makes their marriages and relationships go on for a longer term.

They believe in fighting for their love and thus, give their best for saving their relationship. They tend to sort their issues out rather than part ways due to trivial things.

What is the Estimated Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility Percentage?

The estimated compatibility percentage between an Aquarius and Aquarius is 73%. Their love and intimacy compatibility percentage is 60% while their trust percentage is 90%.

Due to their common interests and intellectual compatibility of about 80% and communication compatibility of 70%, they have a higher overall compatibility percentage.

Are Aquarius and Aquarius Couples Sexually Matched?

The sexual compatibility between this same sign couple is apparent from the fact that they like to spice things up in the bedroom by exploring new ideas. Their intellectual stimulation finds a place in matching up to their sexual desires too.

This intellectually stimulating couple tends to explore their desires in interesting ways. Starting from the brain, they tend to go deeper into the soul and start making things sexual.

The question of sexual compatibility between this couple comes only after a point when they feel that they have known each other well. Their unique ways of working out their relationship make them an intriguing and enticing couple.

Aquarius and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility – Does it Work?

Aquarians believe in being friends before love interests. They believe in friendship to a level that they might consider saving their friendship over a relationship.

At times, certain Aquarians end up staying friends only. This is because they believe in valuing their friendship and saving themselves from the fear of losing a special bond by getting into the relationship fiasco.

The best thing is that these free spirits know how to push each other to do their best like any best friends would. Though they try to get involved in the life of the other, they also know how to maintain their individuality separate from their romantic relationship.

They know how to maintain close friendships and have a place in the social circle. Thus, the compatibility between two Aquarians as friends definitely works and helps them make any relationship stronger and long-lasting.

Do Aquarius and Aquarius Make a Good Match?

Aquarius and Aquarius Make a Good Match
Aquarius and Aquarius Make a Good Match

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An Aquarius guy and an Aquarius woman definitely make a good match due to their intimate relationship. They are great friends and greater lovers.

Their common goal to continue their relationship helps them stay together. Even though Aquarian men and Aquarius women are both strong-headed and have strong opinions, they understand each other and believe in having an intellectual conversation.

They can mend relationships and work out their relationship their own way. They are also good at maintaining long distance relationship and have great sexual compatibility.

Are Aquarius and Aquarius Soulmates?

Aquarius men and Aquarius women are definitely soulmates as they are a highly understanding couple. They know how to stay together and make their relationship work during a hard time as against many other zodiac signs.

They might take a lot of time to get to know each other. But once they start understanding their partner, there is no going back.

An Aquarian man has his own thing toward fellow Aquarian women. He knows how to tackle the challenges that come in the way of his relationship and how to stay together with his soulmate.

All these qualities of people having Aquarius zodiac sign point towards the fact that they have a strong bond and are soulmates with the same sign mates.

Does Aquarius Marry Aquarius?

Aquarius-Aquarius male and female are romantic partners in a relationship. The Aquarius partners usually end up marrying each other due to their higher chances of compatibility.

Their intellectual simulation helps them achieve common ground on most things even though they might have different ways around it. such simple yet important things contribute to their relationship and help the couples with Aquarius signs.

Aquarius Marriage
Aquarius Marriage

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How does an Aquarius woman attract an Aquarius man?

There is more than one way for attracting Aquarius men. The first and foremost is to give him some space and freedom to be himself.

Letting him be independent and having a sense of freedom will definitely drive him toward you. Also, remember to be a good friend to him and make effort to understand him.

As Aquarians are not too emotive, they take up a lot of time in getting comfortable with personal conversations. Thus, it is better to avoid such conversations in the beginning if you want to attract an Aquarian.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aquarius is an air sign.
  • Even though Aquarians are compatible with other star signs, their compatibility percentage is higher with fellow Aquarians.
  • The deep understanding between the two Aquarians makes them an ideal couple.
  • The two Aquarians know how to give each other space and help them retain their individuality while being involved with a fellow being.
  • They have great compatibility when it comes to friendship, trust, love, or sexual desires.

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