Is Getting your Palm Read Bad Luck?

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These days, palm reading or Palmistry has gained immense popularity. There is no doubt about the prophetic power and energy about this ancient technique when it is about forecasting the future of a person.

Palm reading is quite complicated and an advanced method. The palmist must analyze and look forward to before forecasting your future.

Where to find the best palm reading for female

Palm Reading is not a new method as it has been in practice for a while. Several cultures have practiced Palmistry to forecast a person’s career, love life (from love line), and financial health. Palm reading is not so easy.

For instance, having a long life line does not necessarily mean a person will have a longer life. On the other hand, having if the subject has a short head line, it does not mean he lacks mental health or intelligence.

Sun line is also referred to as the Apollo line and is regarded as the fate line’s sister line.

The good news is with the rapid and continuous advancement in technology, it is possible for females (and males as well) to download one of the best apps for palm reading.

All these apps have been specifically designed for providing you with precise palm reading. Some palm reading apps feature a palm scanner while others enable you to converse with hand readers and psychic readers.

  • Kasamba
  • Life Advisor
  • Palm Reading
  • Astro Guru
  • Life Palmistry
  • Relax
  • Palm Reader and Fortune Teller

Do palm lines change with age

Yes, the lines on the palms keep changing with the passing time. To be more specific, the lines on a person’s active hand (the right hand for most people) change more frequently than the passive hand.

The lines on a person’s palm mirror the things a person has done till date. It also resonates the things a person will be doing in the future.

As a child grows, the size of their hand becomes bigger with the growing age. Thus, their palm sizes also increase. There is a corresponding increase in the lines and they also become clearer till old age. Thus, the lines on your palms never stop changing.

Online palm reading for male

Free illustrations of Hands
Online palm reading

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Palm reading or Palmistry has always fascinated people. So, it is hardly surprising that this ancient method has survived several centuries.

During the history of humanity, palm reading has continued to intrigue human beings irrespective of their social layers and states where they live.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, there are various useful resources available for online palm reading for males, as well as females. If you wish to know about your fortune related to money, health, and love, go online for instant findings.

There are sites where you need to simply respond to a set of questions on your palm’s lines. You will then get an online personalized palmistry report.

Usually, your dominant hand is used for analysis. Check out some of these sites, which can be used for online palm reading for males:

  • AstroJyotish
  • AstroSage
  • findyourfate– It is another good choice for palm readings.
  • Hand Analysis-Males can know more about their palm readings.
  • Sailor-Games-It is an excellent website for a person who wishes to get started with palm reading quickly.
  • Mystic Scripts-It provides different kinds of complimentary palm readings. A few of these need you to respond to queries from multiple-choice images. You need to choose the answer closest to your fingers or hands.
  • True Tarot-This online site has a complimentary quiz on animated palm reading. The quiz starts by looking at the person’s fingers and hand shapes. It will then look at the lines on the person’s hand.

Good source for Indian palm reading for female

There are innumerable good sources for Indian palm reading for both males and females. AstroJyotish, for instance, is a good source for palm reading for Indian women and men.

Indian females can also go through the site Indian Palm Reading, which has been exclusively developed for them.

Does palmistry and astrology Work?

Palmistry and astrology
Palmistry and astrology

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Astrology and palmistry are two systems, which can be used to forecast the subject’s future events, life, and character. While both these methods have similar functions, they use different tools in their respective processes.

Palm reading is the technique of reading the inside lines of an individual’s palm. A palmist utilizes these lines to make their predictions about the subjects. Anyone can practice palm reading, which is a major benefit.

One must simply understand the basic principles of palm reading to get going. However, a demerit of this method is that there is no guarantee on the accuracy of a palmist’s predictions even though they may have years of experience.

Therefore, you need to also depend on astrology for confirming the findings.

Reading Tarot cards have similarities with palmistry and astrology and yet is different. In palmistry, the middle finger is referred to as the finger of reconciliation and coordination. It makes attempts to control the ambitions and desires of ring finger and index finger.

Is there palmistry in Islam?

Palmistry in Islam
Palmistry in Islam

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Islam highly condemns divination in different forms. The religion looks at palmistry or palm reading as forbidden or haram. According to the Quran, believers are not allowed to seek awareness of their fate or destiny by divining arrows.

Also, those who perform such divination are referred to as “angels”. Islam does not generally permit astrology as well.

However, early Muslims depended on the moon and sun to ascertain important things, like fasting times, the start and end of months, and the direction of Mecca, their holy city.

Are there apps for palm reading online?

There are many user-friendly apps for palm reading. We will discuss a few of them in this section. has launched the complimentary app for Android phones. Depending on a person’s lines on their palm, they can know their fate using the app.

Palm Reader and Fortune Teller is another excellent free palm reading app. The app scans a person’s palm and then foretells details about their future and fate.

Purple Garden is an intriguing app and a great choice if you wish your palm to be read via live video calls via a professional palm reader.

Kasamba is another popular palmistry app you can opt for. The app provides accurate palm readings to know about health problems, the number of children, and married life among others. For instance, a wavy line might means potential health issues.

The professional experience of each psychic is examined and scrutinized with great caution prior to inviting them on board.

FAQ relating to Is getting your palm read bad luck?

Which palm line is lucky?

Palmistry is also about using natural elements to classify the shapes of hands. So, there are fire hands air hands, water hands, and earth hands. Different elements have different denotations.

What are the main lines on your palm? The fate line or the money line stretches from a person’s wrist to their middle finger. So, what does this line symbolize? It showcases one’s career and fortune.

In case a person’s lifeline and money line begin from the same point, they are usually extremely confident and ambitious.

A person may have a vertical line from the base of their mercury finger. Now, that means the person possesses the fortune of wealth. However, if they are complacent, fate may not open.

It is imperative for these people to get into an appropriate career, according to their personality. They should be dedicated to their work to attain positive critique.

Does it matter which palm you read?

Many people are in a dilemma about which hand they should show during their hand reading session. Is there any particular hand for men or women or they should put forward both their hands, irrespective of gender?

Some people who retain photocopies of their palms observe that the lines in their hands are not the same after every six months to twelve months. To put it simply, there is a clash between contemporary and traditional palmistry forms.

These two thoughts are at loggerheads about which palm we should exclude and which one to read. There are some cultures, where palmists read the left palm for women and the right one for men.

For instance, in India, the right hand is a symbol of Lord Shiva while the left hand symbolizes Shakti, his consort. However, the technique of palmistry in China adopts a reverse approach. They read the left palm for males and the right hand for females.

To conclude, both hands should be read for an accurate and comprehensive analysis. If you want to unravel complete details about what our hands forecast about your life, the palmist should read both your hands.

Several palmists feel that bout our non-dominant, as well as dominant palms should be read. That’s because each hand represents its unique characteristics when read individually.

Thus, both hands have significant roles to play in revealing crucial details about a person.

What is the purpose of palm reading?

Palmistry, chiromancy, or palm reading is a globally practiced technique that dates to several thousands of years. The purpose of this technique is to assess the future or character of a person by scrutinizing the palm lines of people.

In palm reading or palmistry, it is fascinating to find children lines on our hands. Also, a broken life line is when a portion of that line goes missing before the continuation of the line.

Regular astrologers practice palm reading by studying major lines and counseling people from different walks of life.

What does dark lines on palm mean?

Generally speaking, if a person’s lifeline is deep and dark, it symbolizes that they are suffering from ailment like indigestion. However, if the headline is deep or dark, it indicates that the subject thinks a lot or is a deep thinker.

A dark heart line symbolizes that the person is excessively emotional. Meanwhile, a deep marriage line means a stable marriage life.

Key Takeaways

  • Palm Reading is not a new method as it has been in practice for a while. Head line or wisdom line is an important line in our hands. Additionally, long fingers exhibit the subject’s personality.
  • Contrary to the popular belief held by some people, there is no evidence that palm reading can bring bad luck.
  • Lines on the palms keep changing with the passing of time and tell you about your good luck and bad things.
  • There are innumerable good sources for Indian palm reading for both males and females, irrespective of their young age, middle age, or old age.
  • Islam highly condemns divination in different forms.

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