Star Signs – What Are the Best Signs for Aries?

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 Aries are fun loving, passionate, fierce, and impatient. The star signs that are considered to be most compatible with Aries are Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini and Aquarius.

Comparing sun signs can give a good idea about the compatibility but there are other factors that should be considered as well.

Which Zodiac sign is the best match for Aries woman?

The zodiac sign, which is the best match for Aries women, is a Leo man.

Aries women are known to be aggressive by nature.

A Leo man can well balance her aggressive nature and bring out the best in her. In turn, Aries women can support the Leo men in all their pursuits and they are the best fit for each other.

Who should a Aries marry?

Aries are considered to be highly compatible with Leo, Gemini and Sagittarius. The relationship between these star signs are long lasting, loving and harmonious.

They understand, value and respect each other’s qualities and traits. Marriage between these star signs have greater chances of success.

What star sign is best match for Aries man?

Aries man will get along well with a woman from the fellow fire signs of Sagittarius or Leo. Women will love the unique personality and loving nature of Aries men.

Since all these star signs are of the same fire element, their relationship will be without friction and will be long lasting.

Are Aries loyal in a relationship?

Aries are known to be passionate and courageous and they will go all out in love. They love spending some alone time with their partners and love the attention that they get.

Without any doubt, Aries are extremely loyal in a relationship and will do anything for their loved ones.

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List of traits of the Aries personality

Aries is the first zodiac sign in astrology. Out of the four natural elements, Aries is represented by the element of fire.

People with Aries zodiac sign are brave, fierce and have leadership qualities. Aries are energetic, extrovert and can be the show stealer in any party.

Aries are known to be extremely passionate and loving. Especially in a relationship, they are highly committed towards their partner and love being loyal.

Some of the negative traits of Aries are that they are short-tempered. The smallest of the things easily trigger them and they lose their temperament.

Many people do not like the honest and straight- forward nature of an Aries individual. That could pose as a potential challenge in marriage and friendships.

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What is Aries favorite color?

There is no surprise that the fire signs favorite color is red. The color red stands for love, passion, excitement and courage.

All these are the traits of Aries. Aries are stubborn, passionate and fiery

Colors are known to affect mood. If a zodiac sign is governed by a particular color, then you should wear that color often.

You could also incorporate the color in their your life.

Which sign could be Aries best friend?

The zodiac sign, which could be Aries best friend, is probably Gemini. Gemini’s are witty and intelligent and likewise Aries have a positive nature.

The friendship between these two can set off like a rocket. When these two zodiac signs are together, they surely can be plotting or planning something mischievous.

Beware of Aries and Gemini zodiac signs as best friends. You could be the target of their next prank.

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What are the enemies of Aries?

According to astrology, Cancer can be one of the enemies of Aries. Aries is a fire sign while Cancer is a water sign.

The traits and personalities of these two zodiac signs are very different. And, more possibility of a clash.

Aries are blunt, direct and straight forward. Cancerians are highly sensitive, emotional and loves to be in his shell.

An Aries would not be able to comprehend the over sensitive nature of a fellow Cancerian.

Aries love their independence while a Cancer individual is very meticulous in choosing his friends. This might suffocate an Aries.

So, Aries and Cancer will not be a good fit.

Another enemy of Aries can possibly be Scorpio.

Aries are very adventurous and they love taking risks. A Scorpio does not like taking too many risks and loves staying in their shell. 

The traits of Aries and Scorpio are very different. These two zodiac signs are not very compatible.

Where to find the best Aries horoscope

There are several websites online where best Aries Horoscope could be found. There are many books as well which give detailed information about zodiac signs.

Are Aries and Capricorn a good love match?

Aries and Capricorn have very different personalities and may not be a good love match. Aries thinks that Capricorn is very boring and Capricorn do not appreciate the fast and foolish nature of an Aries individual.

There are high chances of confusion and misunderstanding. They are better off as friends than as partners. 

What sign is a soulmate for Aries?

Leo is the soulmate and ideal companion for Aries. The former understand Aries well.

While both are strong-headed and this could lead to a potential clash. But, the emotional bonding surpasses that.

Leo values and treasures relationships. They do not mind to be the icebreaker if the situation demands so.

What is the Aries compatibility percentage for other star signs?

Aries are highly compatible with Leo. Their marriage and love compatibility probably score the highest.

They are both fiercely independent and they support each other’s endeavors.

They both have healthy egos, so when the two come together, their level of confident soars high.

Aries share a very low level of compatibility with a fellow Cancer or a Pisces zodiac sign.

Their natures are very different. The fire sign is governed by the traits of rage, valor and passion.

While the water signs Pisces and Cancer are soft and delicate by nature. They don’t tend to understand the stubborn and straight forward attitude of an Aries individual, creating a lot of frictions.

Which signs are the worst match for Aries woman?

According to astrology, Aries do not get along well with Cancer zodiac sign. This is because their value systems are very different.

It can be quite difficult for a Cancer man to accept the spontaneous and brutally honest nature of an Aries woman.

The water sign thinks that Aries lack empathy. This is not true.

It’s just that Aries way of caring and showing love and empathy are very different.

FAQ relating to best signs for aries

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Aries.

Who is a good match for Aries?

Aries can get along with anyone who are passionate like them and have a positive energy. Aries prefer friendships and partners who will accept and appreciated their free spirited nature.

Generally speaking, a good match for Aries will be similar fire sign zodiacs like Leo and Sagittarius. These star signs share the same passion and fiery nature and thus get along well.

Sometimes, Aries get along well with a Libra individual as well. Opposite zodiac signs are known to attract each other.

What do Aries not get along with?

An Aries individual may not get along well with someone of a Cancer zodiac sign. This is because,

Cancerians are very delicate and emotional by nature and tend to take things personally. While on the other, a Aries individual is direct and straight forward which can offend a Cancerian.

So, most often than not Aries and Cancer zodiac signs do not get along well.

Aries probably also don’t get along well with Pisces.

Pisceans, by nature are very emotional and sensitive and it can be challenge for them to deal with the abrupt nature of an Aries individual.

Initially, a Pisces individual may like the straight forward attitude of a Aries. But, once they see the stubborn side of a Aries later he/she would slowly squirm of that relationship.

Who Should Aries avoid?

Aries should avoid people with Cancer or Pisces zodiac signs. Both these zodiac signs are overtly emotional and sensitive.

A trait, which is quite different from how an Aries individual is. The abrupt and fiery nature of an Aries individual can offend both a Piscean and a Cancerian.

It is difficult for an Aries to also deal with the delicate nature of Pisces or a Cancer individual. Aries prefer individuals who accept their honesty and straightforward mannerisms.

Who is Aries’s bestfriend

Aries can be best friend with Gemini. Their friendship can run like rocket fuel.

Both are creative and enthusiastic and can match each other’s passion and energy levels. Both will bring out the best in the other person and they will be a perfect team.

Key Takeaways

·      Aries people are honest, fiery, passionate and very ambitious.

·      Aries like to be brutally honest and straightforward.

·      They are highly courageous and unafraid of everything.

·      They tend to prefer and get along with individuals who accept their nature and are equally strong- headed.

·      Aries are highly compatible with people with Leo zodiac signs.

·      Aries can be best friends with Gemini.

·      Aries are least compatible with Cancer and Pisces zodiac sign.

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