What Does It Mean to Have Scorpio Rising?

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Scorpios carry a notorious reputation. For some reason, people seem to be afraid of the zodiac sign. Scorpio’s intensity and mysteriousness may be the reason behind that fear.

But what most people do not know is that other sun signs could be hiding behind the guise of Scorpio.

Such people have a Scorpio Rising or Ascendant, which endows them with mysterious strength, passion and emotional intelligence.

Characteristics of Scorpio Rising woman

A woman with a Scorpio Rising has an intense and mysterious but appealing aura about her. People are drawn to her naturally.

A distinctive trait of Scorpio Risings is that they seem calm and composed on the surface. You will never guess what’s happening inside their head. And there are many intense thoughts inside.

Scorpio Rising women are nurturing, caring and passionate. They love with devotion and intensity. However, if they are wronged they will avenge themselves.

These women are loyal as well. They are as loyal to their loved ones as they are to their work or hobbies.

Not every Scorpio Rising woman would be disciplined. But she will be a disciplinarian to her children. Scorpio Risings take everything they care for seriously. This includes raising a family.

Scorpio Rising women look for confident, reliable and strong partners. They are the kind of women who will pledge their devotion to their partner. If you can’t reciprocate, she will dump you.    

Is Scorpio Rising the strongest ascendant?

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Without a doubt, Scorpio is among the strongest signs in the zodiac. Scorpios are gifted with immense gravitas, a keen observation and unlimited willpower.

When a Scorpio decides on a course of action, it will leave no stone unturned to achieve its target. A Scorpio’s passion borders around obsession.

All this sounds intense, but a Scorpio does not let anybody witness the burning passion inside. On the contrary, a Scorpio can be charming and caring to the people it loves.

But does the Scorpio sign retains its powers as the Ascendant? To a great extent, it does. But the rest depends on the sun sign. Scorpio Rising works differently on different sun signs.

What does it mean to have Scorpio Rising?

In astrology, your rising planet or ascendant is the sign that falls on the eastern horizon of your sun sign at the time of birth.

So what does it mean to have a Scorpio Rising?

The ascendant on your natal (or birth chart) appears first, even before the sun. This position decides how you view the world and how it perceives you back.  

The ascendant decides your physical traits and external presence. This is why some sun signs are hard to read because they may have a different ascendant.

For example, a person with a Scorpio Rising and an Aries Sun will be different from a person with a Scorpio Rising and a Gemini Sun.

But having a Scorpio Rising means you will have an overall intensive personality. People with a Scorpio Rising must overcome some major obstacles.

This will make them undergo many transformations. But the reward for such laborious tasks is great. Eventually people with a Scorpio Rising will set themselves free and become the person they want.

What is the Scorpio Rising appearance?

Since the Ascendant or Rising defines the way people perceive you, it also impacts your physical appearance.

The physical traits of a Scorpio Rising include intensely penetrating eyes and a strong physique. Both men and women with a Scorpio Rising exhibit these characteristics.

Men with a Scorpio Rising have a strong, athletic physique. Scorpios have such strong bodies because they are ruled by Mars (the god of war) along with Pluto.

These men are taller than the average Joe and sport broad shoulders with a toned-up build. 

Is Scorpio Rising rare?

Ascendants change every 2 hours. The odds of having a Scorpio Rising are equal to being born under any other Rising sign.

Having a Scorpio Rising makes the native intense, passionate and keen. These people are faithful and strong.

Scorpio Rising man characteristics

Scorpio Rising man

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The effect of Scorpio on your ascendant will depend on your sun sign. However, any man with a Scorpio Rising is endowed with the strength of Mars and the mysticism of Pluto.

Scorpio Rising men are naturally attractive to the opposite sex. Women are drawn to their intense and mysterious energy.

A man with a Scorpio Rising will not come across as brash (unless his sun sign is fiery). There is a sophistication in the way he moves and works.

The power of Pluto grants Scorpio Rising men with a mystical ability. Such men have a deep understanding of life. They have the ability to understand people in novel ways.

The power of Mars grants Scorpio Rising men with strength, passion and willpower. If a Scorpio Rising man sets his mind on a goal he will achieve it, no matter what it takes.

In relationships, Scorpio Rising men are loyal and devoted. They are also very passionate in bed. If you like to experiment in the bedroom area, a Scorpio Rising man will happily join you.

But these men can also become jealous and obsessive. It is best to be honest with them, even though they will keep secrets from you.

Why is being a Scorpio Rising so hard?

The position of the Ascendant in Scorpio is a difficult position. Since Scorpio is primarily ruled by Pluto, people with a Scorpio Rising must undergo transformations in their life.

Pluto symbolizes death, transformation, rebirth and regeneration. Therefore, people with a Scorpio Rising will meet many obstacles in life. But overcoming these obstacles will transform them.

A typical Scorpio Rising will eventually learn the secret to their destiny. They must accept their intense personalities and make use of their power.

It is only through transformations that a person with a Scorpio Rising can fulfil their destiny.

Facing many challenges seems unfair, but the rewards for overcoming them will be truly great.  

What are the Scorpio Rising dates?

There are no specific dates for Scorpio Rising.

Your Rising or Ascendant is decided at the time of birth. The sign rising on the Eastern Skyline when you were born becomes your Rising sign.

To calculate your Rising sign, astrologers need the exact time of your birth. Accurate time is necessary because the Rising sign changes every two hours.

This makes the Rising sign more personal as people born on the same day will have different Rising signs. Compare this with sun signs, which change after 28 days.

Is 2022 a good year for Scorpio Rising?

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According to astrologists, 2022 for Scorpio Risings may be a little high on anxiety. To take control of your mind, you should meditate and engage in stimulating activities.

Read books, learn something new or hang out with like-minded people. This will keep your mind busy and your anxiety at bay.

Do not overestimate your energy or strength. Be humble and accept your mistakes. This will allow you to have a great year.

2022 also shows a fun, social and playful time for Scorpio Risings. Do not feel awkward if you want to engage in a little partying. Let loose and go with the flow.

How to spot a Scorpio Rising man or woman

Spotting a Scorpio Rising is not that difficult. Even without paying attention to their face, you will be drawn by their mysterious aura.

Look out for these signs to spot a Scorpio Rising –

  • They seem aloof and guarded at first. But when you get to know them, they become charming and loving.
  • There is something fierce about them, hidden behind a silent and calm exterior. You can sense this energy around them.
  • They appear dark, mysterious and brooding.
  • They think through a situation properly before making a decision.
  • They commit to a project or cause with everything they have.
  • They come off as over-protective, bordering jealousy.
  • They are often perceived as intimidating.

What do Scorpio Rising eyes look like?

Scorpio Rising eyes

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Intense Scorpio eyes

Scorpio Risings have intense eyes. Their eyes have a penetrating quality, as if they are looking deep inside your soul.

Many people will find this intensity charming. There is no doubt, you will always lose to a Scorpio Rising in a staring competition.

What does a Scorpio Rising look like?

Scorpio Risings have mysterious, passionate eyes. Mars endows them with powerful physiques which can be intimidating when required.

Women tend to have an attractive curvy figure while men with a Scorpio Rising have broad shoulders.

Is there such a thing as Scorpio Rising power?

Yes, Scorpio Risings have the power to regenerate and transform. They are born with an innate passion and intensity which needs to be used.

The best thing for a Scorpio Rising is to accept this power. If they do not unleash it in creative ways, the power will begin consuming them from inside.

FAQ relating to Scorpio Rising

Who is Scorpio Rising compatible with?

Since Scorpio is a water sign, a Scorpio Rising is compatible with other water signs like a Cancer Rising and a Pisces Rising.

Scorpio Risings can also pair well with earth signs. This includes Taurus Risings, Virgo Risings and Capricorn Risings.

What does a Scorpio Rising woman look like?

Women with a Scorpio Rising have an average height. But they are endowed with an hourglass figure, which is desirable to both the sexes.

These women have remarkable eyes. It is easy to get lost in them. In fact, a sure way to identify a Scorpio Rising is through their eyes.

What are Scorpio Rising man attracted to?

Scorpio Rising men are passionate and loyal. They look for a partner with the same qualities. If a partner cannot commit with the same intensity, Scorpio Rising men will not entertain them.

By nature, Scorpio Risings are cautious and careful. It takes time for them to build trust.

Who is Scorpios guardian angel?

The guardian angel of Scorpios is the archangel Jeremiel. This archangel is also known as the “mercy of God”.

Unlike other angels, Jeremiel is silent. He will not dictate his advice. Instead, Jeremiel sends out signs and symbols.

Key Takeaways

Here are the key takeaways –

  • Scorpio Risings have intense eyes and strong physiques.
  • Year 2022 is good for Scorpio Risings, provided they manage their anxiety.
  • Scorpio Risings look for passionate and loyal partners.
  • The position of the Ascendant in Scorpio is a tough one.
  • If the power of Scorpio Rising is not put to good use, it can become destructive. 

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