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Can We Marry Without Horoscope?

Yes, we can absolutely marry without horoscope. There are billions of people around the world who have happy healthy marriages without horoscope matching.

Did you know that there are many couples who are together despite a low Mangal Dosha, Dashakoot, Bhakoot Dosha, Asthakoot, Nadi Dosha, and Kuja Dosha match?

You have to realize and understand that it’s all about mutual understanding when it comes to a successful marriage.

What are some remedies if horoscope does not match for marriage?

Horoscope matching for marriage
Horoscope matching for marriage


Horoscope matching in marriages constitute an important part of the Indian Astrology. As times have progressed, modern India doesn’t necessarily regard this practice anymore in marriages.

However, a great portion of the population still engage in this activity to find their ideal life partners. But just because your compatibility failed in Kundli matching or Gun Milan, doesn’t mean things won’t work out.

You don’t have to rush in calling off the wedding. We will be listing some remedies for you to eradicate any type of Dosha to combat Kundli mismatching.

It is believed that a Dosha can cause a clash in egos between the couple, a lack of agreement, and continuous miscommunication. Many people regard Dosha as bad as finding malefic planets on your birth chart.

Here’s what you can do to get past it:

For Yoni Dosha

  • One great remedy to eliminate Yoni Dosha is by choosing to donate food and clothes to the less fortunate people.
  • Kundli mismatch can also be healed by chanting ‘Mrityunjaya Jaap.’
  • You can arrange a pooja called the ‘Graha Shanti,’ prior to the wedding ceremony.

For Bhakoot Dosha

  • Mismatched couples can perform the popular Bhakoot Dosha Puja. Here, they can start chanting ‘Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap,’ which is for a longer life, and it should be performed right after the puja ends.
  • It is also believed that by wearing a gemstone also helps in getting rid of the marriage effects brought forth by Bhakoot Dosha. The gemstone should be of your Zodiac sign.

For Mangal Dosha

  • If the prospective bride happens to be a Manglik, then she should proceed to marry Lord Vishnu’s Pratima idol or a Peepal tree. The wedding should only commence after the bride performs this act or the situation won’t be remedied.
  • The couple can also choose to get married after they cross the age of 28. It will help remove mismatch of Kundli, resulting from Mangal Dosh.

For Nadi Dosha

  • Both the bride and groom should donate clothes and food to a Brahmin family that has a poor financial background. It’s because their blessings are believed to be auspicious in such matrimonies.
  • Another remedy would be to marry the idol of the popular Hindu God ‘Lord Vishnu.’
  • Also, there’s a special type of Puja Vidhi called the ‘Nadi Dosh Nivaran Puja.’ This puja is believed to remove any sort of ill effects that stem from Nadi Dosh.

Should we believe in astrology for marriage match?

No, you shouldn’t rely on astrology when it comes to serious life decisions such as finding your future partner. There are many instances where Kundli matching doesn’t prove anything.

There has been an instance where a husband with a Gun Milan point of 33/36 tends to be super incompatible compared to the second husband with 15/36 points. Many brides have suffered physical and emotional abuse from their top Kundli matches.

The same can also be said for unfortunate grooms who have faced the same from their high-rating Kundli brides. So, it doesn’t reason well and leads to bad marriages when you rely solely on astrology.

Horoscope matching is it important for marriage?

Horoscope matching can lead to a happy match
Horoscope matching


Horoscope is also known as Kundli or Kundali in Hindi. Many traditional Indians lays heavy emphasis on Kundli matching to see if two people are a good match in marriages.

However, there are many Kundali matching couples who end up failing in marriages, whereas the mismatch becomes successful. The zodiac sign of both the groom and bride are brought forth to see if they are a match.

They do so to check if it will be a happy long-lasting love marriage. Here, they base everything on a matching task called the ‘Ashta-Koota.’

This task takes 36 points into account from both the horoscopes. 18+ points should match in both the horoscopes to predict a happy married life.

If the points fall below 18, then they don’t believe that the couple will have a successful married life. Super traditional families in particular go against the marriage proposal in such cases.

The final decision is usually the couples breaking up and going their separate ways instead of pursuing a happy marriage based on actual love and feelings. Sometimes the prospective bride become hesitant to pursue a second marriage proposal because of such instances.

But some of these expert astrologers forget to take other core factors into account. They include:

  • Marriage Quality.
  • Promise of Children.
  • Bride Lifespan.
  • Groom Lifespan.
  • Planetary Positions.

The heart said yes; the horoscope said no: What should we do?

Every relationship whether platonic or romantic is based on three important factors i.e., love, trust, and understanding. It is no secret that an individual can never truly be happy in a forced companionship.

In Kundli Milan or Kundali Milan, both the astrologer and families of groom and bride consider the Ashta-Koota points to check the marriage compatibility. Here, they examine the couple’s nature, tendencies, physical attraction, sexual abilities, and attitudes.

They do so in hopes to find the perfect life partner. But there’s a ton of opposition when the horoscopes of the bride don’t match well with the groom, resulting in calling off the wedding.

But it’s important to break out of this system and pursue a love life that’s devoid of such practices. At the end of the day, it’s going to be you and your partner.

The astrologer and your family aren’t going to be in a relationship with your partner. It’s you who will be, and you would want to spend the rest of your life with someone you truly love.

It’s foolish to let natal charts and celestial bodies have such an important say when it comes to your marriage. If two people love each other, they will always find ways to make things work.

So, you should always listen to your heart and not allow Kundli matching to pick and choose your partner for a good marriage.

Should our horoscope be matching for marriage?

It is not required of any couple to have their horoscope match to get married. What matters is how couples address important things and work them out in relationships.

You should marry the person you are in love with and not leave them because there is a Kundli mismatch. There are couples who get into arranged marriages and they end up successful and happy.

Astrology should mostly stick with the scientific aspect of life, and you shouldn’t let it meddle with something as pure as love. However, Kundli matching does have accurate projections from time to time and we shouldn’t discredit that.

Do foreigners match Kundali aspects for relationships?

Relationships don’t rely on horoscopes … or do they?


No, majority of the foreigners don’t bring Kundali matching or online horoscope in their relationships and marriages. They don’t rely on superstitions and are quite educated, modernized, and open minded.

However, that doesn’t mean that Indians aren’t. It’s just that Indians are big on traditions and a decent portion of the population are still invested in such practices.

But you should also know that astrology enthusiasts are from different corners of the world. People from all walks of life invest into astrology and take horoscope seriously.

So, there are foreigners who actually refrain from taking relationships further if horoscope incompatibility is present. Some don’t even pursue a relationship from the start just because their zodiac signs don’t gel well with the potential lover.

Who are some married celebrities whose horoscope didn’t match?

Bollywood has some of the most iconic actors and actresses in the world. These celebrities aren’t just famous in India, but they are making waves in Hollywood as well.

It will help you to know and understand that happy marriage is possible regardless of Kundli differences. How? well, look at these celebrities:

  • Shah Rukh Khan (Scorpio) and Gauri Khan (Libra)
  • Virat Kohli (Scorpio) and Anushka Sharma (Taurus)
  • Akshay Kumar (Virgo) and Twinkle Khana (Capricorn)
  • Priyanka Chopra (Cancer) and Nick Jonas (Virgo)
  • Riteish Deshmukh (Sagittarius) and Genelia D’Souza (Leo)
  • Shahid Kapoor (Pisces) and Mira Rajput (Virgo)
  • Ajay Devgn (Aries) and Kajol (Leo)
  • Abhishek Bachan (Aquarius) and Ashwariya Rai (Scorpio)
  • Saif Ali Khan (Leo) and Kareena Kapoor Khan (Virgo)
  • Aamir Khan (Pisces) and Kiran Rao (Scorpio)

FAQ relating to can we marry without horoscope

How do I know my horoscope match for marriage?

You can find your horoscope match for marriage by using online tools like ProkeralaMpanchang, and Astrosage. It will ask you to enter birth details like time of birth, date of birth and more.

How many points should match for marriage?

In Kundli matching, it is required by astrological laws for the couple to have 18+ points to match for marriage.

Which Rashi will match for marriage?

Rashi means moon sign. Here’s Rashi in marriage compatibility:

  • Mesh -Sinha
  • Tula – Meen
  • Vrushabh – Kanya
  • Vrushchik – Meen
  • Mithun – Kumbha
  • Dhanu – Mesh
  • Karka – Vrushchik
  • Makar – Vrushabh
  • Sinha – Dhanu
  • Kumbha – Mithun
  • Kanya – Makar
  • Meen – Karka

What are the 10 matches for marriage in horoscopes?

When it comes to Hindu custom, couples who rely on horoscopes for marriage compatibility are required to check if their connection fulfills the 10 Poruthams. It refers to the 10 matches for marriage in horoscopes.

  • Dina – Prosperity and good health.
  • Gana – Temperament match.
  • Rajju – Long life of Groom.
  • Rasi – Progeny’s continuation.
  • Yoni – Sexual compatibility.
  • Vedha – Escaping pitfalls and warding off evil spirits.
  • Vasya – Zodiac sign compatibility.
  • Mahendra – Progeny on a bigger measure.
  • Stree Deerga – Accumulation of prosperity and wealth.
  • Rasiyathipaty – Birth stars compatibility.

Key takeaways

  • Marriage without horoscope mismatch is possible.
  • There are many public figures, including regular folks who have happy married lives despite Kundli mismatching.
  • A lifetime commitment should be based on mutual love, compromise, understanding, and trust.

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