Is There Any Truth In Astrology?

Featured Image source Astrology has many systems of beliefs. It believes that there is an association between changes in astronomical phenomena and events happening in human life. Also, astrologers argue that astrological phenomena decide the personality of a person. However, the scientific community do not accept astrology. Is astrology scientifically valid? People in the scientific …

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Is Astrology Accepted in Islam?

Featured Image Source Astrology is not accepted in the Muslim world. The Muslim scholars in most Islamic sects personify the faith that astrology is forbidden. These scholars argue that authorities summarized in the Holy Quran and rigorously-authenticated hadiths do not encourage and accept astrology. Islam authenticates genuine sciences alone. The tradition rejects all those things …

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What are Scorpio Rising Female Characteristics?

Featured Image Source Scorpio signs are known for their magnetism. Scorpio rising females have strong emotions that they often keep concealed. Many people find them secretive and mysterious. If they want, they can strategically turn on the charm. There are a lot of famous celebrities who are Scorpio rising, including Katy Perry, Christian Dior, Nicole …

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