How Old Is Palm Reading?


According to sources, palm reading happens to be thousands of years old. For a proper estimate, the exact timeline would be between 4th-7th century BCE.

This estimation is done by scholars by referring to the Bible. Palmistry happens to be mentioned in the ‘Book of Job.’

Palm reading also peaked in its practice, especially during the 17th Century and 19th Century. Its practice has been prevalent ever since the Aryan Civilization.

What Can Palmistry Say About Life Line and Death?

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Palmistry refers to the art or practice of interpreting the natural lines on your palm by the palm reader. The origins of this act traces back to ancient India.

Many Indian pundits and scholars practice this act. Did you know that there are traces of Palmistry even during the stone age?

It is done to predict the future of an individual or the whereabouts of their health and appearance. This belief is supported by the fact that palm lines start developing during the gestation period.


Here, the life line is an indication of one’s health, general well-being, and significant lifestyle changes. Contrary to popular beliefs, there isn’t an actual consensus present on the correlation of an individual’s longevity and their lifeline.

But there is certain consensus in the field of palmistry, which determines the quality of life and vitality of a person based on their lifeline. The line which extends right around your thumb is known as the lifeline and it looks like an arc.

The life line’s length doesn’t indicate anything about how long you will live. Only your physical vitality and health is predicted here.

  • Just because you have short lines doesn’t necessarily equate to you having a short life line. If your life line possesses a big clear arc, then you are vibrant and energetic.
  • The longer it is, the better for you. Plus, people with long life lines tend to be excellent at sports.
  • If your life line is located near your thumb and it possesses a small arc, then you are someone who easily gets exhausted. Also, in the history of palm reading, if you have multiple life lines, then you are full of life.
  • Someone is said to have had a sick childhood if the beginning of their life line, which is located near the thumb web happens to be broken.
  • You should prioritize your health in old age if the end of your lifeline appears frayed in its appearance. This life line is near your wrist.
  • If your line has a cut or there is a circle with an island-like appearance within the line, then something bad will happen. You will either end up in the hospital or get physically hurt soon.
  • The circle’s size will end up reflecting the seriousness of your accident or sickness.
  • Someone is seen as outgoing and brave if their lifeline happens to be straight and cuts across their palm.


Death as a result of poor health or sudden demise can also be predicted by hand reading. The major lines on your palm help indicate this.

  • Zig-Zag lines will show up on your Saturn finger’s nail 6 months prior to your death.
  • A person’s lifeline may stop abruptly in a spot where a cross sign or blackmark is present. Here, if the line happens to be drawn from the mark to the lifeline, then the resulting time is taken as the person’s final age.
  • The heart line might disappear on the way or may suddenly appear under Saturn’s mount in some cases. Here, the individual will not enjoy what life has to offer and become a victim of premature death.
  • A person’s heart line might end up meeting the head line right under Jupiter and Saturn’s mount on their right hand. If the left hand witnesses the same combo, then it’s a confirmation that the person will not have a full life.

Online Palm Reading for Male

Palm reading can be fun and interesting, especially if you are interested in knowing your fate line, love line, marriage line, children lines, money line, and other main lines.

You can get your palm read online through platforms like Astroyogi.

Online Palm Reading for Female

There are many palm readers who will virtually read the lines of the palm. You can get yours read by using online palm reading tools such as Find Your Fate and Astro Jyotish.

What Your Palm Lines Say About You

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Palmistry is also known as Chiromancy, and it was quite popular in the Middle Ages. The origins of palmistry date back to practices associated with gypsy fortune-telling, astrological signs, and Indian astrology.

The entire point of this practice is to interpret the life aspects and characteristics of a person. However, palm reading is meant for entertainment purposes and doesn’t correlate with a person’s psychological traits.

There are two important factors in palmistry. They include:

  • Men are born with the left hand and the right hand is something that they have garnered throughout their lives. It is the opposite for women.
  • The dominant hand determines how your future will look like. And the non-dominant hand (the one you use the least) determines your hidden traits and past.

Every palm line is different and says something about a person. Here’s what you need to know:

Heart Line

This line is known for indicating cardiac health, emotional stability, depressive episodes, and romantic perspectives in a person. It can begin right below your index finger, middle finger or between both.

Head Line

Now, this line is known for representing hunger for knowledge, style of learning, intellectualism, and style of communication. For example, a person with a short head line prioritizes physical achievements and accolades over the mental ones.

Another example would include a straight line, which indicates that the person is a realistic thinker.

Life Line

Next, this line is not an indicator of how long a person lives. It has to do with significant life changes, your physical health, and general well-being.

For instance, if the line ends at the base of the thumb, then it signifies a strong and healthy attachment with your family. Also, if a line is straight and near to the edge of the palm, then the person is extremely cautious when it comes to entertaining relationships.

It could even predict health issues like fetal alcohol syndrome.

Fate Line

The fate line shows the level to which an individual’s life happens to be affected by outside forces that is beyond their control. For instance, a fork within the line indicates a handsome amount of wealth in the distant or near future.

Hand Shapes

The palm lines and the shape of your hand are closely related when it comes to predictions. It speaks volumes on the general fate of a person.

There are 4 hand shapes, and they consist of:

  • Air Hands
  • Earth Hands
  • Fire Hands, and
  • Water Hands.

What Your Palm Lines Say About Your Future

Your own palm lines hold a plethora of meanings concerning your future. They include:

  • Emotional and Mental Stability.
  • Romantic Pursuits and Perspectives.
  • Physical Health.
  • Communication and Learning Styles.
  • Knowledge and Intellectualism.
  • Major Changes in Lifestyle.
  • General Welfare, and
  • External Circumstances that alter one’s life.

What Your Palm Lines Say About Your Love and Marriage

Love and Marriage
Love and Marriage


The human hand holds a lot of mysteries. Palm lines in your hand also goes to say a lot about love and marriages.

If you possess a straight heart line across the hand, then you are someone who’s guarded and stoic in romantic relationships. An arch in your heart line displays balance and you are someone who is protective of your heart and puts yourself first.

But you are open at the same time and is emotionally intelligent. If your love line is extending between your fingers, then you are a nurturing person.

You need to be cautious because people might use you in relationships because of your huge heart. The marriage line is also called the affection line.

This line resides below the pinky finger right on the outside. It shows that you have a strong relationship, which will last for a lifetime.

Here, multiple tiny shallow lines indicates that your relationship may not be impactful. Also, a split or break in the lines predicts a messy breakup in the future with your partner.

What is a Lot of Lines on Palms Meaning?

A lot of lines on your palm doesn’t always have your best interest in mind. It shows that you have a restless mind, and you get into a ton of fights.

Plus, if you have a horizontal line amongst many, then you will be someone who’s frustrated easily in a lot of situations.

Do You Use Left Hand Palm Reading for Female?

No, the left hand isn’t used for palm reading in females. The left hand is suited for men, whereas women resorts to the right hand.


Can Palmistry Tell You How Long You Will Live?

There are arguments that palmistry can predict the exact longevity of someone’s life, but it’s highly debated. But some palm readers do agree on the possibility of predicting someone’s death.

How Can You Tell How Old Your Life Line is?

The length in your line of life doesn’t act as a factor for determining how long you will live. Your life line reflects your physical vitality and overall health.

What Does a Long Life Line Mean?

A long life line shows that your health and physical vitality is at its best. The longer your life line, the better it is for you.

But such beliefs are contrary to the practices of the catholic church. However, it is still popular and widely accepted in different parts of the world.

Can Your Life Line Change?

Yes, your life line is prone to changes. The lines can change over 3 times in a person’s lifetime.

Key Takeaways

  • Palm reading has to do with a person’s personality and fate.
  • There are five types of palm lines i.e., life, heart, money, head, and marriage.
  • Your lifeline isn’t an indicator of how long you will live.
  • Hand shapes also form a comprehensive part of palmistry.

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