Accuracy of Palm Reading

Is Palm Reading Accurate?


Palmistry is the practice of interpreting the lines and shapes in a person’s palm to predict the future and elucidate individual characteristic traits.

It is thought to have originated in India and is practiced by Hindu Brahmins. It is also indirectly mentioned in the Book of Job.

Those who practice palmistry are called palmists, palm readers, hand analysts, or chirologists. They believe a handheld reader can “read” a person in minutes.

Skeptics insist that palmistry—like tarot cards and astrology—is nothing more than guesswork. You know that people are hungry for answers. Therefore, they can give them a general enough answer to suit their personality.

It’s hard to say how accurate palm reading is, as it can vary depending on the reader. Some people may believe that palm reading is a reliable way to tell things about a person’s future. On the other hand, some may view it as more of entertainment or superstition.

Let’s dig deeper.

Are palm reading apps accurate?

A good palm reader uses his spiritual-mystic power and mathematic calculation while researching the palm of a person. The Palmistry app gives the benefit of a precise calculation of patterns and lines in a palm, and it lacks the spiritualism of the human mind.

So, if you omit the fraud apps and gurus, you still get accurate palm readings about 50% of the time. the center of the palm is where most wat to focus on.

Do palm lines change with age?

The lines in the palm, particularly the four main ones: long life line, fate line, headline, and heart line are formed before birth.

The lines become deeper and change slightly during one’s lifetime. New lines appear as well, but the basic lines mentioned above can be read easily, regardless of age.

Do you do palm reading on the left or right hand?

It is believed that the right hand, for most people, represents the present & future, and it can be changed with time and experience. While the left hand represents the past events and individual characteristics that the person was born with.

Though the hands of most people are symmetrical with subtle differences, It is more meaningful to take the right hand, unless your left hand is the dominant one.

Palm Lines
Palm Lines


Is palm reading for female different than for male?

Though both the palms of any person have to be studied, irrespective of gender, the left palm of a woman has to be studied with greater importance.

In conventional palmistry, gender traditions are not considered.

Palmistry and Astrology-which are more accurate?

Both Palmistry and Astrology are the systems that you use to predict your character, life, and future events in a person’s life.

The only difference lies in the modus operandi.

Palm readers study the human palm, and an Astrologer studies the birth chart. Both require keen observation, mathematics, and in-depth knowledge.

Hypothetically, suppose you are destined to earn a lot of money at the age of 25 years. Then, your money line in the palm, as well as your astrological signs would bring forth the same.

I believe both palmistry and astrology can guide you to your answers. Given that, the professionals of both systems are authentic.

Best palm reading apps online?

In these evolving times, ancient knowledge of palmistry has been combined with technology. Now you have access to the best palm readers in the world, while sitting at the comforts of your home.

In most of the apps, you have to take a clear picture of your palm and start getting your results.

Here is a list of the best palm reading sites online (Android and iOS) :

  • Life Advisor -This app lets you know the secret of your palm from the love aspect to life and wisdom. You will receive information telling you what you need to know about the palm lines.
  • Kasamba – Kasamba offers a free chat with a real psychic (for a duration of 3 minutes), which lets you get precise answers. Whenever you need help from fate, this is a great app to call.
  • Life Palmistry – This palm reading tool highlights AI palmistry with a report that offers useful suggestions. You can also find a daily guide that provides an impressive guide to your work, romance, money, and social life.

FAQ relating to “Is palm reading accurate”?

Q) What do the lines in palms represent?

A) There are five main lines on the palm: the life line, heart line (also called love line), money line (also called fate line), head line, and marriage line. These lines begin at the edge of the palm, and run through the centre of the palm.

  • Life line: health and physical vitality

The length of the life line is not related to the number of living years. People with long life lines usually have good physical strength.

  • Heart line: love and emotion

If the heart line is short and straight, the person is barely into romance.

If the heart line is long, it depicts a good love life.

  • Money line: career and fortune

If the money line looks clear and straight, it means that the future is going to be bright.

The short line means he/she might stop working or change their career, before getting retired.

  • Head line: intelligence and mentality

A short head line usually means that one will achieve a great deal physically.

A big arc in the head line tells us that the person has a great talent for creativity.

  • Marriage line: married life and relationships

Q) Are fingers also studied in Palmistry?

A) Yes!  The length and fingerprint lines of fingers also relate to the individual’s fate. For example, if the index finger is longer than the ring finger, the person is said to be mentally strong and selfish.

The person is highly emotional and sensitive if the ring finger is the same length as the middle finger.

Q) What is the significance of the shape of your hand in palmistry?

A) Apart from reading palm lines, hand shape is also considered an essential component of palmistry, telling a person’s fate.

There are 4 hand shapes :

  • Earth hands – Square palms, which are thick and tough, shorter fingers

Qualities – Practical, responsible, not ambitious, comfortable with 9-5 jobs.

  • Air hands – Square or rectangle palms, which are dry to the touch.

Qualities – Extrovert, Good imagination, adaptable

  • Water hands – Oval shaped or long palms, with long fingers.

Qualities – Introvert, Creative, Sympathetic

  • Fire hands – Square or rectangular palms, with short fingers.

Qualities – Extrovert, Optimistic, confident, energetic

Q) Is Palmistry scientific?

A) Palmistry is an expanding branch of study, which is also true for all scientific exploration.

The answer to the question should be subjective.

Given below is a list of diseases, that can be diagnosed with palmistry. Read it and then you decide whether Palmistry is scientific or not.

  • A single palmar crease (also called simian crease) in a human hand is usually normal. But it could also be associated with Down’s syndrome, Turner syndrome, Fetal alcohol syndrome, etc.
  • Sydney palmar crease is a different type of transverse flexion crease that reaches the side of the palm. People with this palmar crease, are often diagnosed with Down syndrome, lymphocytic anemia, etc.

Did you get your answer?

Does it matter which palm you read?

Many Palmists believe it’s important to study both the left and right hands.

If a person is Right-handed, then his left palm reflects his individual characteristics and traits, whereas the right hand reveals what he has done with his potential.

Both the palms reveal how a person is using his traits and personality in his life.

Do lines change on palm?

Yes, the lines on both palms change with time. To be more specific, the lines on your active hand (i.e. right hand in most cases) change more often than the non-dominant hand. These changes can take from 6 months to many years to show up on your palm.

Some palmists believe, that mostly the minor lines in the Palm change. The major lines, like Life, Heart, Head, etc do not normally alter.


How does palm reading work?

Palmistry is one of the psychic sciences that deals with man, his personality, and his future.

In the study of Palmology, planets are believed to have tense energy. This energy disintegrates itself in all directions of the world. Therefore, humans, being an integral part of the universe, absorb this energy in our bodies.

A part of this energy keeps circulating out of the human body. When it is leaving, it leaves unique marks on the outlets of our body, including palm, and feet.

There are many other practices that are used for a similar purpose, but with a different element.

This includes Tarot readings (which originated in Israel), future predictions by a psychic reader and Augury through crystal balls .

How can you tell future lines by hand?

If the palm reading is exact and precise, one can get a good hint of future events.

With the help of Palmistry, a person can be pre-warned and prepared for adversity.

 Also, a short life line does not necessarily mean a short life: it means that a short life is probable in all likelihood, unless one becomes more careful about his health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Palmistry is an ancient art and science of learning about an individual’s past, present and future.
  • In cold reading, an actor reads his dialogues directly from reading a script. Similarly, the human hand is the script of an individual’s lifetime. We can too read it accurately, with the help of a good palmist.
  • Palmistry is not 100% accurate, and this can be said about all scientific exploration. The only way to find out the truth, is to keep looking.

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