Is There Any Truth In Astrology?

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Astrology has many systems of beliefs. It believes that there is an association between changes in astronomical phenomena and events happening in human life.

Also, astrologers argue that astrological phenomena decide the personality of a person. However, the scientific community do not accept astrology.

Is astrology scientifically valid?

People in the scientific community argue that there is no explanatory power to astrology to describe the universe. Based on scientific tests, there is no evidence for supporting the premises outlined in astrological traditions.

Indeed, science has no evidence of the truth of astrology. But, some people have a great belief in zodiac signs.

They do not decide on any important move in their lives without consulting an astrologer. But, astrology and science do not get along with each other.

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Are There Any Scientists Who Believe in Astrology?

Men of different ranks have followed astrology for so long as a deciding factor in decisions and actions. This has been happening for a very long time.

For instance, at the start of the 17th Century, some popular scientists believed a lot in astrology. For instance, great scientists like Pierre Gassendi, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and Tycho Brahe believed in astrology.

These scientists held astrology in high esteem. They are now most remembered for their contribution to astronomy and modern physics.

Nevertheless, at the end of the 17th century, the scientific community turned against astrology. Some scientists believed it to be a subject of contempt though.

However, some scientists after the 17th century entirely ignored astrology. We all know Isaac Newton for many of his works.

Newton was a secret ardent student of astrology. The belief of Newton in astrology is visible in his writings.

Why Do People Believe in Astrology?

Since time immemorial human beings have looked at celestial bodies like stars. They looked upon stars for guidance.

Astrology was previously regarded as a scholarly tradition. But, nowadays, many individuals have started studying the influence of celestial objects on human activity.

Now, the general interest in astrology has grown a lot. You can get to know about the boom of astrology on the internet these days.

You can quickly find horoscope-based social media accounts or zodiac-themed websites online in recent years. Even, people have started using astrology-based smartphone apps.

Particularly, people use these apps for evaluating romantic compatibility. People rely on astrology to gain a better understanding of themselves.

Some people wish to know about their future life events when they have a lot of stress. They take their birth chart to an astrologer to read the future.

When they are not certain about what will happen in their professional or personal life, people show interest to read their astrological sign.

At times, people face a lot of physical illnesses. Even after several treatments, their suffering does not go away.

In these instances, rather than relying on their scientific knowledge, they think to get help from a popular astrologer. In these instances, some of them get out of the issue based on the suggestion of the astrologer.

When things turn in their favor, they start believing a lot in astrology. Here, personal experience plays a major role in reliance on astrology.

Some young adults believe in astrology because elders in their families believe and follow it. Again, their belief goes to the next level when things happen as per astrological predictions.

Belief in astrology in some cultures is a tradition
Many people believe in astrology and it is often uncannily accurate

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Is Astrology Real Reddit Answers

When you look at Reddit answers, you will find one thing for sure. Most people answer that claims of astrology are false.

However, you will also find answers that claim that astrology is real. They further recommend that to get help from astrology, you should get help from the right astrologer.

Even, some answers read that our future relies on the time of our birth. However, some people have strong disbelief in astrology.

Astrology is as real as you want it to be
Tarot cards are a from of fortune telling, just like astrology

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Is Astrology True for Marriage Predictions?

A lot of people do not rely on astrology for marriage predictions. They argue that your birth date should not decide your life partner.

They further state that it is you, who should decide whether a person is suitable for life long journey. But, some communities like the Islam community that do not believe in astrology, look at zodiac signs when deciding on weddings.

Here, not all subsects but a particular subsect called Sufism use the position of stars in celestial sphere for wedding decisions. Astrologers argue that it is possible to decide when will a person get married with his natal chart.

Astrologers further add that you should choose a partner compatible with your zodiac sign. Only when their star signs are compatible, a couple can lead a happy married life.

However, these are instances of a wedding relationship coming to an end quickly even after the wedding was done between people with compatible zodiac signs. In short, it truly relies on your personal preferences to decide how your wedding should happen.

Is Astrology True in Relationships Matters?

Matching the sun sign or moon sign between two people for deciding a wedding is not a new practice. For many years, when it comes to relationship matters people rely on, traditional astrology.

Nowadays, many young adults are getting online help to get answers to their questions related to zodiac signs. They believe that with astrological readings, they can rectify the issues in their relationship.

Astrology can predict only the fundamental nature of two people to know whether they are compatible with each other. However, it cannot predict for sure-shot results on whether the relationship will succeed or not.

In your relationship, you can understand your life cycles to a certain extent. But, you should give your best to make sure that the relationship between you and your partner is smooth.

Is Indian Astrology True in Real Life?

The Indian astrology is otherwise called Vedic Astrology. Studies show that the Indian astrology has helped many people in their real life.

The main difference between the vedic and western astrology is the use of different zodiac systems. For instance, when it comes to western astrologers, they use tropical zodiac.

Western astrologers predict based on tropical zodiac. They use seasonal changes and orientation between the earth and the sun to predict events.

When it comes to tropical zodiac, the Spring Equinox concurs with the starting of the Aries Season. On the other hand, vedic astrology uses the sideral zodiac.

It means that the zodiac is based on the physical positions of the constellations in the sky. When the earth rotates on its axis, it gets through slight whirl called precession.

In other words, vedic astrology believes that constellations and starts do not stay in the same state. Even, it has been proven scientifically that every star moves around one degree.

The movement of star happens once in 70 years roughly. This shift is not taken into account by Modern Astrology.

Traditional astrology spots the changes in position and corrects it within the birth chart. The system does it using a system known as ayanamas.

If you are from a western country, your sun sign in vedic astrology will be different than what you have been believing for so long. The Indian astrology may become a reality based on signs of the zodiac.

What is the Astrology Vs Science Debate?

The scientific method do not accept astrology. It sees only the natural world.

There is always a debate that cannot end until the universe exist between science and astrology.

Scientists believe in terrestrial events as they can see what is happening. But, science does not accept astrology.

The reason is that science always believes only those proven like gravitational force. But, since scientific studies do not support astrology, the debate continues.

Science argues that events predicted by astrology happens only on random chance. The relative positions of the celestial objects do not have any effect on a person’s life.

How Does Astrology Work Practically?

Astrology is a technique of predicting day-to-day events on the basis of the assumptions of the celestial bodies. The study involves predicting of earthly and human events via observation and interpretation.

These observations and interpretations are done on the plants, the moon, the sun and the fixed stars. Astrologers look at the solar system and predict things.

For predicting human affairs, astrologers use the birth chart of every individual in combination with the movement of stars. They do a lot of calculations as astrology uses mathematics a lot.

Astrology can be useful in making life decisions
Does astrology have a practical use?

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FAQ Relating to Is there any truth in astrology?

Is astrology actually accurate?

The accuracy of astrology relies greatly on the astrologer you choose. Of course, many claim themselves to be good at astrology.

But, some astrologers alone use the right techniques to predict events. This is why astrology turns out to be inaccurate at times.

It is a never-ending debate as to whether astrology is accurate or not. The reason is that some people find it accurate, while some argue that it is inaccurate.

Is there a truth in astrology?

The answer to this question relies on personal experiences. Some experts like Shawn Carlson, An American Physicist has proven that astrologers had no special ability to interpret personalities.

However, some people argue that astrology is real.

Can astrology be proven?

It is not possible to proven astrology with science. There is not scientific evidence on the working of astrology.

But, many experts in other fields like Carl Jung were strong believers of astrology in their personal life. So, it is a question of personal experience.

Does anyone actually believe in astrology?

Yes, there are people, who have strong belief over astrology. Even, many popular personalities like Isaac Newton were secret believers of astrology in their lives.

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