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What Horoscope Age are We in 2022?

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Astrologers are not exactly in agreement about which horoscope age we are currently transiting. The answer is a bit subjective and depends on how you define when an astrological age begins.

A commonly accepted theory is that the constellation through which the sun is passing on the day of the spring or vernal equinox (March 20 or 21) is the ruling zodiac sign for that age.

By this definition, we are still in the Age of Pisces albeit at the end of its span. So change is indeed in the air!

What age are we in Astrology 2022?

According to some astrologers we are currently in the Age of Pisces but are approaching the cusp of the Age of Aquarius. 

As the equinoxes have a retrograde or backward movement through the constellations, the next zodiac sign that will rise on the horizon is of the water bearer.

It’s a time to be,

  • More independent and being your own person
  • Open to new ideas, new systems and new ways of doing things
  • Curious about everything that you took for granted
  • Outgoing with more emphasis on collaboration and creativity

The sign of Aquarius is one of contradictions as it’s ruled by two forces which are quite different in terms of their characteristics.

Uranus, the primary ruling planet, represents a scientific approach and a non-conformist attitude. The secondary ruling planet Saturn has more to do with traditions and a stern outlook towards observance of law and order.

The hard work for each person, group and organization in this period will be to synthesize these incongruities to arrive at a harmonious whole. People born with the new moon in Aquarius are often adept in comprehending the unity between two apparently disparate entities.

Are we in the age of Aquarius now 2022?

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A unique astronomical and astrological event occurred on December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn came together in Aquarius after a long time.

The great benefactor and the timekeeper of destiny came together for the first time in an air element sign after more than 800 years.

The two planets’ union had occurred in the earth signs for the last 200 years. Some modern astrologers consider this conjunction as the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

However, astrologers from eastern traditions interpret it as a transition period, a foretaste for what lies ahead. It heralds the end of the Piscean Age, a time when the old way of life gives way to a new one.

You can’t really build good things without tearing down the decaying structures. So don’t expect anything to remain unscathed from this trend.

It could be political and social institutions on the macro level and personal beliefs and a sense of self on the micro or individual level.

You can look forward to an increase in,

  • Support for social causes and human rights
  • Sensitivity towards the environment
  • Awareness of racial injustice and gender inequality
  • Use of technology to connect and tackle any issues

When will the age of Aquarius begin

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Astrologers are unsure about putting a specific date to when the Age of Aquarius will begin. Some astrologers consider that the Aquarian Age has already started.

If you analyze the events purely from an astronomical perspective, you get a completely different answer.

The alignment of the celestial equator with the ecliptic motion of the sun relative to the earth occurs only twice in a year at the time of the equinoxes. This is when the days and nights are of the exact same length.

The equinoctial points lie diametrically opposite to each other and move in a retrograde or backward motion through the constellations.

The astrological sign or constellation through which the sun transits at the time of the spring equinox is considered as the ruler of that age.

However, the earth’s rotational axis around itself does not remain constant but changes at a slow rate due to the gravity exerted by the sun. The motion corresponds to a top wobbling along its axis of rotation and is known as precession.

The precessionary movement traces a circle in the heavens over the poles, gradually changing the earth’s alignment both on the vertical and horizontal axis.

This results in a change of orientation with the pole star on the vertical axis and with the equinoctial points along the horizontal axis in a periodic cycle.

The time span is vast with a single degree of shift taking about 71 years to transit. Each sun sign or constellation occupies about 30 degrees of the ecliptic or a period of 2,160 years during this cycle.

So the sun enters a different constellation at the point of the spring equinox after every 2,160 years. This is when a new astrological age begins which in our case will be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

The entire cycle takes about 26,000 years to complete and is segregated into the twelve zodiac signs. According to these calculations, the Age of Aquarius will commence in the year 2470 at the earliest, at least 450 years from now.

What dates mark the age of Pisces?

Most astrologers and theologians consider the Age of Pisces to correspond with the beginning or the early period of the Christian era.

The Piscean Age is characterized by,

  • Top-down hierarchy in all social institutions
  • Belief in a messiah with large number of followers
  • Perception of authority as divinely ordained or as parental figures
  • Influence of religion in all aspects of daily life
  • Greater emphasis on rituals, conventions and traditions
  • Conformity and prioritizing the group over the individual

Most astrologers consider the current phase to be a period of transition as we move towards the Age of Aquarius. The changes will unfold steadily in the background contrasted with periods of sudden upheavals. 

For example, you may see people gradually evolving to a deeper sense of unity with community bonds going beyond distinctions of race, nationality and religion. A sudden disruption, whether economic or environmental, may bring people even closer through mutual needs. 

Astrologers consider the end of the Piscean Age to fall anywhere between this century and the next 500 years.

How long is the age of Aquarius?

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Each zodiac sign has a ruling period of about 2,160 years. This duration corresponds with the precession of the earth’s axis as the vernal or spring equinox transits along the ecliptic path of the sun in the solar system.

So the Age of Aquarius will last for at least 2,000 years though the exact span may vary. Most astrologers and astronomers are in disagreement about where each constellation begins and where it ends.

Another point of difference is that the conception of the signs of the zodiac and the constellations do not map each other exactly.

The constellations are more like a flexible jigsaw which shifts according to the movement of the stars. The zodiac is a fixed circle encompassing 360 degrees with each zodiac sign covering an arc of 30 degrees.

Despite the divergent views, the Aquarian Age itself will herald a more horizontal way of working, relating and associating with each other.

New technologies will play the role of disruptors and trendsetters. The internet and social media will lead to digital communities or tribalism where consensus will be the sole factor in decision making.

You may see more applications that use blockchain technology that bypasses the need for a centralized authority. Cryptocurrencies are likely to become a favored means of transaction especially for niche or special interests.

Entrepreneurship would become a way of life as each person seeks more control over one’s time and money.

Aquarius being a democratic sign the Aquarian energy is turned off by situations where someone lays down the rules and everybody is forced to comply. The Aquarian mantra is to be self-reliant and innovative at all times.

What does it say about the age of Aquarius in the Bible?

The Bible contains significant allegories about the different astrological ages. The parable of Jesus feeding the people with two fishes and five loaves of bread is an allegory representing the Age of Pisces and the awakening of the people.

The sign of the fishes is often associated with the Christian faith and its symbolism is seen in several religious motifs such as the Papal regalia.

Jesus also alluded to the next astrological age when he said to follow the man bearing a pitcher of water into the house that he enters. This was an exhortation to be ever alert to the changing times and to not become complacent.

The Age of Aquarius also stands for reflection and introspection. The verse has a deeper significance to explore one’s spiritual side, to be more contemplative and meditative. The night of the full moon is an especially potent period for spiritual practices.

The Aquarian temperament’s test is related to finding its way amid limited resources and energy.

This is the reason why people with Aquarius ascendant in their birth chart come up with innovations to deal with the trials and tribulations of life.

FAQ relating to what horoscope age are we in 2022

Are we in the age of Aquarius or Pisces?

Most astrologers believe we are transiting the cusp period between the two ages as the Piscean Age wanes and the Aquarian Age dawns.

It’s also referred to as the new age or orb of influence in which the existing systems are either torn down or lose ground before the actual Age of Aquarius begins.

The Age of Pisces is characterized by a religious temperament while the Age of Aquarius is expressed in terms of scientific inquiry. Pisces has more to do with faith and conventions while Aquarius is more spiritual and experimental in its approach.

So it would seem we are attuning more with the Aquarian attributes in recent years as people increasingly look towards alternative lifestyles.

The mainstream culture and the established institutions are no longer able to provide the answers to our predicaments forcing everybody to find solutions on their own.

How long will the Aquarian age last?

The Aquarian Age is expected to last for at least 2,000 years or 2,160 years to be exact.

Each age has its own unique attributes which influence the collective consciousness. The ruling age shapes the culture of the time. The energies help human beings to evolve in an all-round manner without any deficiencies towards a better future.

For example, the Age of Aries (approximately between 1800 BC TO 300 AD) saw the rise of the Martian spirit with warriors and conquerors such as Alexander and Cyrus ruling the roost. 

Similarly, the Age of Gemini (approximately between 5600 BC to 3500 BC) shows the influence of Mercury in the form of new languages and written scripts as people sought to communicate and share knowledge with each other.

Is 2022 the age of Aquarius?

The Age of Aquarius is here. Or is it? Most astrologers consider the current period to be one of transition between the Age of Pisces and Aquarius.

Some astrologers think that the Age of Aquarius started in 2012 when the star Regulus transited from the constellation of Leo to Virgo.

Another theory is that the new age began in December, 2020 with the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in the air sign of Aquarius after a total solar eclipse. The past year is also considered as the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

The Aquarian Age’s defining traits are,

  • A love of freedom and harmony
  • Humanitarian efforts to address social inequalities
  • Passion and creativity over necessities and compulsions
  • A major shift towards intellectualism and a rational outlook
  • Dissatisfaction with the status quo
  • Scientific temperament and technological proficiency  

Is it the age of Aquarius now?

The Age of Aquarius captured the public imagination in the United States in the 1960s.

The 1967 rock musical hair referred to the Aquarian Age in its lyrics and it become something of a counter culture symbol. The Age of Aquarius is often mentioned in the same breath with the new age and the hippies.

The actual beginning is a matter of debate with some astrologers believing that it has already started. Most astrologers though consider the current period as a time of transition between the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius. 

Key Takeaways

  • Astrologers not in agreement about when the Aquarian age will start.
  • The Aquarian Age is expected to transform social and political institutions.
  • Science and technology take precedence over religion.
  • Increase in awareness about human rights and injustices.
  • Environmental concerns take center stage.
  • Collaboration and community acquire a new meaning.

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