Which Zodiac Signs Have a God Complex?

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Before you know which zodiac signs have a god complex, you should first know what god complex means. If you already know what it means, no issues.

God complex is a strong belief of a person that is associated with a high-level feeling of personal ability. A person with this characteristic feature believes himself/herself to be superior.

Among the list of zodiac signs, Aquarius is a sign that is known to have a god complex. Further, Leos are also known to have a certain level of a god complex.

Aquarius has a psychological illusion of unrestricted personal potential. They believe themselves to be very powerful in influencing others.

Also, they constantly try to display their abilities to be superior to others.

Which Zodiac Sign has the Biggest Ego?

You will accept that every individual will have their own personalities. As compared to others, people born in some zodiac signs have the biggest ego.

It is better to be aware of the zodiac signs with the biggest ego levels to safeguard yourself. You will be highly careful when you tease people born in the following signs as their ego levels are very high:

  • Leos see them as royalty
  • Capricorns are very much obsessed with success in every endeavor in their lives.
  • Aquarius always have personal thinking that they are the best.

What are the Zodiac Signs with a Superiority Complex?

According to their birth chart, people born in the following signs are known for their superiority complex:

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  1. Leo: Leos are always leaders with a strong sense of instinct and character. You can know more about a Leo when you love her/him a lot.
  2. Taurus: They always put them high up in clouds. They are shallow in mentality and are not kind enough to others.
  3. Virgo: Virgos symbolize perfection at all times. But, this perfectionism makes them feel superior and proud of themselves.
  4. Scorpio: Observant, strong and independent are the words you can use to describe Scorpios due to their superiority complex. But the bad thing is that they have a lot of power to hurt others.

Is it True do Aquarius have a God Complex?

Among the astrological signs, Aquarius is known to be the sign with the utmost god complex. When you have a group of people in a room, Aquarians think that they are the smartest in the room.

Even on a given day if they do not feel confident, Aquarians can walk into a room with a god complex. They believe that they are the smartest in the room and that no one should validate them in this regard.

Which Zodiac Sign is Always Single?

Are you single? If so, you will more likely feel happy with your present relationship status.

Zodiac Sign is Always Single

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Otherwise, you might also feel that you should be with someone. There is nothing wrong to have either one of these two thoughts.

At this juncture, you should know astrology can influence on the way you feel. Indeed, it holds for relationships and love as well.

As they are more particular about their freedom, people born in some sun signs would love to be single. Nevertheless, some people feel more complete when they are in a relationship.

You will love to be single if you have born in any of the following zodiac signs:

  • Scorpio born between October 23 to November 21
  • Virgo born between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September
  • Cancer with birth dates between 21st June and 22nd July
  • Pisces born between 19th February and 20th March
  • Sagittarius born on one of the dates between 26th November and 21st December
  • Aries between 20th March and 21st April

It does not mean that the only way available for people born with these signs is to be single. You can be in a relationship as well.

Nevertheless, there are chances of some issues coming up in your relationship. Once these issues are rectified, you can lead a peaceful life with your loved one.

The goodness of love can take your relationship to eternity as well. Your partner’s personality traits can make things move smoothly in your life.

There might be some hiccup periods in your relationship in the middle. But, at the end of the day, your life will be smooth.

Which Zodiac Sign is Always Angry?

You might have thought of seeing some people as to why they are angry at all times. Nevertheless, some people are angry at all times due to their air sign or earth signs.

If you wish to be in comfort zone, you should keep away from people getting anger quickly. Otherwise, you should know how to handle them.

Here are the zodiac signs that lose its temper quickly:


Those born in virgo get angry quickly. Even though they have the best intentions, they do not leave anyone when losing temper.

At times, in anger, they do certain things for which they regret later. Combined with their desire for their perfection and superiority complex make them lose temper over small things.


Those born in Leo are known for their inflated sense of self. Their creepy trait is that they cross boundaries when losing temper.

Angry Zodiac Sign

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If you are in personal relationship with a Leo person you should remember a key fact. It is that Leos never admit their mistakes.


irrespective of whether considering moon signs or a water sign, Scorpios are known for their anger. When they lose their temperament, they won’t leave anyone.

So, if you have to spend some days with a Scorpio friend, you might have to face some difficult times. Even though they get angry quickly, Scorpio are the best life partners.

The reason is that they give the utmost love and affection to their life partners. Luckily, most people born in Scorpio get a person born in nicest zodiac sign as their life partner.

It means that in most instances, the life partners of Scorpios do not care much about the anger of Scorpio. They can quickly calm down their partner Scorpio.


Yes, another zodiac sign that quickly lose its temper is Taurus. If those born in this sign feel bad about something, they cannot control their anger.

Even, it is hard to calm an angry Taurus. Even if they are wrong, they do not want to come forward to address their mistakes.

Sometimes, they take such decisions for which they feel bad later. New things continue to bombard our lives.

In the ways, when they get older, people automatically find ways to reduce anger. This is why people born in the signs above will find ways to manage their anger when they grow.

Which are the Most Complex Zodiac Signs?

It is good to handle some people as you can judge how they will react. But, you might have come across some people, who are hard to handle.

The reason is that you cannot judge how they will react for a given situation. You might have thought that they will react in a specific manner.

But, you will notice that they have taken it very light. But, in some other situation, they will show the worst reaction than you expected.

For this reason, some people are referred to as complex. Here are the zodiac signs that are complex to handle:

  • Aries
  • Gemini
  • Virgo
  • Aquarius
  • Scorpio

As most of these signs are god complex, superior and angry, you should handle them with care. Some of them might even have narcissistic personality disorder as the reason for their god complex.

This disorder is a clinical term used for denoting a person with high levels of self-belief. At times, Gemini-born people can also show this nature.

Particularly, when they see fellow Geminis, they feel superior. Do you know a popular personality in Gemini.

It is Kanye West with a lot of good qualities leading his life successfully.

Which Zodiac Sign is Always Wrong (Mostly)?

There is no harm to be wrong. We are all humans, we tend to make mistakes and we misunderstand things at times.

But, the real problem is not accepting even when you know you are wrong. When the sun sign of person represents his motivations and ego, the moon sign denotes the emotional nature.

In the same way, the rising sign speaks about the energy that you put into the world. You can bring positive energy to the world only when you are positive.

Positivity is good but it should not turn superiority or over confidence. Here are the signs that are wrong in most instances but believes they are right:

  • Aries
  • Virgo
  • Scorpio
  • Aquarius
  • Leo

What Zodiac Sign is Always Broke or Nearly Broke?

Without thinking about a positive change in the future, some people spend all their money. These people are broke or nearly broke and left without any money for themselves and for their family.

The zodiac signs with people in this category include Scorpio, Aries and libra. Also, Sagis wish to live the life to its fullest without worrying about future.

Brad Pitt is a popular name amog those born in sagittarius. People born in this sign spend a money for enjoying the moment.

FAQ relating to which Zodiac Signs have a God Complex

What zodiac sign has a god complex?

The first position in god complex is held by Aquarius. Following this sign, those born in Leo can also be god complex to a certian extent.

They believe that goddess of wisdom is always with them and best thing is coming their way at all times.

What is a god complex astrology?

According to astrology and Greek mythology, each zodiac sign is represented by an animal symbol. From these symbols, we can somewhat judge the character of the people born in those signs.

In the same way, god complex also has a reason as per astrology. Accordingly, the Saturn and sun are the planes that play immense role in our lives.

The symbolism of these planets can be seen through egotism. This is why some people are egoistic and some are god complex and superior.

What Zodiacs are Gods?

According to Greek Mythology each zodiac sign is aligned with a god or goddess. Also, this mythology suggests that people engaged in particular professions should pray specific gods.

In the same way, people practicing agriculture should pray to goddess Demeter. She is believed to bring good harvest for agriculturists.

In the same way, god Prometheus according to Greeks is the Lord of Fire. If you have a big dream to shine in your profession, you should get the blessings of a particular god.

What sign is god?

Virgo is believed to be the sign of god. She is the goddess of purity, innocence and good lord.

According to your belief system, you should get blessed from a particular god to achieve your dream. You know traditions are different.

Those following Christian traditions do not believe in Islamic traditions. But, you have complete liberty to follow what you believe is right.

According to Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is believed to be the home for Greek Gods.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aquarius is a sign that is known to have a god complex.
  • Leos are the biggest egoists
  • Scorpios love to be singles
  • Virgo sign people lose their temper quickly
  • Those born in Aries are complex to comprehend

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